A Few Job Search Websites That Everybody Should Use

Job Search WebsitesThere are a staggering number of online job portals available today. There are so many that a job seeker can be overwhelmed just trying to figure out which one to use. There are large search engines and small search engines. They are niche job boards that cater to specific industries, and there are even some bad job boards that will do little to help you find a position. While some of the major well-known sites are good, many job hunters are afraid to visit the less well-known sites. Many of these sites can be just as good, or even better than the giant mega job portals. Here is a short list of 5 online job sites that everybody should use:

  1. Indeed.com: This website is a meta-search engine that actually collects and compiles data from other websites. Indeed.com collects job listings from job boards, newspapers and human resource pages of company websites. It puts all this information in one place and filters out multiple listings of the same job. When you find a job you want to apply for, Indeed.com simply sends you to the original posting of the position. The fact that it collects data from so many sources and still manages to filter out duplicate postings makes Indeed.com a valuable tool in job hunting.
  1. SimplyHired.com: Another meta-search engine, SimplyHired also aggregates job openings from a variety of listings. However, SimplyHired also collects data from social networking sites, and includes that data in an all-in-one social network, blogging and media web portal. A great place if you are looking to find as much information in a single place as possible.
  1. LinkUp.com: LinkUp specializes in compiling listings directly from company websites. LinkUp considers these “hidden jobs”, since they are not usually advertised on the open market, and they can be difficult to locate. Unless you are searching a whole range of specific companies in your industry, then LinkUp will have many positions listed that are not found anywhere else.
  1. LinkedIn.com: LinkedIn is a professional networking site. Its specialty is providing opportunities to network between professionals without all the inane junk that clutters up a typical social network site like Facebook. LinkedIn has its own job board and allows members to post jobs to member only groups.
  1. Google.com: Google is, of course, the leading search engine on the Internet. However, many people underestimate the power of Google as a tool for searching for job openings. You should use Google to research companies in your field and quickly uncover positions that other sites may miss. You can also use Google Alerts to receive an update any time a new result is found that matches your specific query. In this manner, you can be aware of new job listings as soon as they go live.