Building a Career in the Oil & Gas Industry

Career in the Oil & Gas IndustryIrrespective of the huge popularity of oil and gas industry, only a few candidates after finishing their college, choose to go into it. Passing out of college and getting into the industry may take consistent effort on your part. Unless you have the right direction, you may have to suffer a lot of hurdles, which, is a great challenge that you face as a beginner. However, here is what you can do to make a strong foundation that will take you to success.

Look for relevant courses and highlight them in your CV

As employers are always looking for the right talent, the candidates as well, should look for courses that the employers are looking for. It is important for them to gain the relevant skills that they would like to mention in their resume. This is because, the human resource personals don’t have enough time to go through every CV they come across. They would just go through your skills no matter your CV is first or last in their catalog. A resume that has the relevant qualifications mentioned on it can draw the attention of the human resource professionals at first sight.

Make sure you have the skills those mentioned in the job description

Employers always look for the specific skills that you have relevant to their job description. It is important that you choose the right skills and learn more about them. Failure to do so will harm you in two ways – lost opportunities to find the right job and staying behind in the competition.

Find a reputed university to enroll in

The companies in oil and gas industry are looking for candidates those have studied oil and gas courses from a reputed university. It’s natural for them to be inclined towards skilled candidates with relevant qualification since they would more likely be interested in that job, plus, can work for a long time in their industry.

Gain on-the-job training that will serve as an experience

Another thing that these companies are looking for include, the right personalities with a positive mindset, different kinds of extra-curricular activities they’ve been involved in etc. They will consider the relevant qualifications as well as on-the-job training to recruit the right candidates. Companies usually like to hire candidates having past experiences than those having no experience at all. This also tells the companies how committed a candidate is, towards his job.

Stay updated with the latest industry trends

For candidates taking part in these training courses, it is important to stay updated with the latest oil and gas industry news, updates to find a way towards letting companies know that you are the right candidate for the position and that you know a bit more than the others. This will certainly give you a competitive edge over those who aren’t very good in their skills.