How to Get a Promotion

Get a PromotionAs you build your career, there may be many opportunities for promotion. Some people seem to be able to glide up the ladder, while others may find it more difficult to advance. No matter where you fall on this spectrum, there are definite things you can do to help yourself get promoted. Here are a few to try:


Does your supervisor know what you do? If you are in an independent working situation, be certain to let him or her know the work that you are doing. Offer ideas to make the business run better and support the implementation of these programs if they choose to run with them. Be a team player. Make your boss look good and they will move you into their slot when your work helps them to excel as well.

Make Yourself Indispensable in the Right Way

Another important part of getting a promotion is to become the best at things… but only the right things. Think managerial and not maintenance. If you become the only one who can fix the copier or file things correctly, then you are unlikely to be moved up because you will be needed to do those jobs. If you are the best at training others, at getting more production out of workers, or at charming clients, however, these are promotable skills.

Stretch Your Office Time

If you are in a highly competitive workplace with few opportunities for promotions, then make it a point to be the first one into the office each day and the last one out of the office each evening. Volunteer for overtime and pick up the slack for others during crunch time. Be seen but not heard. In other words, work long and hard but don’t complain about the workload when others appear to be doing less.

Make Others Look Good

Another thing that will make you stand out in an office is to be a team player. Instead of crushing your coworkers, help them to thrive. This will not only give you a loyal base of friends who can help recommend you for promotion, but it also hones the kind of skills that management wants to see when it comes to supervising others.

Be Positive

People, in general, prefer those with a positive attitude to those with a negative attitude. In other words, don’t complain. This includes complaining about a job being beneath you, gossiping about coworkers, or telling those who have the power to promote you that they have terrible ideas.

Be Professional

Appropriate dress, speech and behavior go a long way in making you a good candidate for promotion. If you feel the need to push the boundaries regarding things that are important to the company, such as personal appearance and appropriate clothing, use of profanity, gossip or other behaviors that tend to be negatively construed, this can work against your chances of being promoted. The best candidates for promotion are able to follow the rules and only push the envelope in ways that will directly benefit the company’s success.

Try, Try Again

Perseverance is one of the key elements for success in anyone. You may not get the promotion the first time, but continuing these professional behaviors will definitely put you on the short list for the next promotion.