I Just Lost My Job Now what?

Lost My JobYOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND that being canned wasn’t your fault. After all you are in good company.

Job cuts have been the highest since 2009, says a survey by outplacement firm Challenger, Gray, and Christmas. According to the study, US companies announced plans to terminate over 65-thousand employees in April alone.

What to do after losing a job

Nobody needs to tell you that your task is to find another job pronto. And while this article gives you four handy pointers about what to do after being laid off, it’s critical that we start-off with what NOT to do. A job finding campaign that starts badly won’t end well because it will drag on and on and on.

So after you receive a pink slip, don’t make panicky calls to everyone you know to grumble about how upset you are over having to train people from India who have replaced you.

While that would piss anyone off, focus your attention on planning the right things to do after losing your job. Here are four tips to be done in order:

    1. Take care of unemployment claims along with internal business like your insurance and 401K plan.
    2. Update your resume or create a new one. This will make you feel better about yourself as you recall, through writing down your achievements, how good you are at what you do.
    3. Begin the networking process by making a list of your contacts. The list needs to include your associates – people with whom you work and know what you do. Then add friends, family members, professional people you know, contacts you did business with at your last job, and get your hands on an alumni list for your high school or college.
    4. Now pick up the phone and begin to make some calls. But you should call only selected names that you’ve checked-off. Those are the people who you think are most likely to want to help you.

Tell them about your being laid-off and what you’re looking for. Always end the conversation by asking, “Who do you know that you think I should be talking to?” This is the exquisite way to network because you’re not asking anyone for a job-just for leads.

Now what?

While it’s tough to lose a job, keep in mind that you now have another Job. It’s the fulltime job of finding a job. If you work as hard at the job of finding a job as you did on the position you lost, you’ll find your next position much sooner rather than much later.